Great news for UK Reshoring after Cameron drive

In line with the growing success of Headforwards, British Prime Minister, David Cameron called for greater ‘reshoring’ in the UK and ‘Bringing more of the benefits of globalisation home’.

This was during a speech he made on the opportunities of reshoring at the World Economic Forum (Davos 2014)

Reshoring is when Offshore Outsourcing is stopped in favour of Onshore Outsourcing. If you would like to know more about the different types of Outsourcing, please take a look at our article Outsourcing: Onshore? Nearshore? or Offshore? Still Unsure? 

This sentiment is something that Headforwards strongly value and partnerships with companies such as NTT show that the Cornwall software industry is ideally positioned to meet the global demands of innovation and technology.

Recent cost comparisons of complete deliverable solutions in terms of ‘total cost’ are demonstrating the competitiveness of the UK in the global market.

David Cameron goes on to say that “one recent forecast suggests millions of jobs could be available for reshoring globally

Getting decent, well-paid jobs at every level is what we are aiming for. And I believe that’s what we can get…and that re-shoring can help.

For full details of David Cameron’s World Economic Forum speech please go to the Direct Gov website.