IT Skills Shortage?

Is There an IT Skills Shortage? The Big Debate!

The IT sector in the UK is growing at an astounding rate, however the media is reporting a shortage of skilled IT workers but how true is this statement? Is there an IT skills shortage?

The recent changes to the National curriculum  are a good start to closing this skill gap, however they don’t help in the immediate future.

A lot of big companies report that they are not able to fill as many developer roles as they would like to. Mark Holt CTO at says

We have a big website and we process an enormous amount of transactions. But, there is a shortage of ‘really talented’ developers. We have vacancies for as many developers as we can recruit and are receiving many applications for these roles. But while we have been recruiting one or two developers a month for full-time jobs, we are eager to recruit even more – but haven’t been able to because of a dearth of talent.”  CIO online.

However reading the comment sections on some articles, like this one from BCS, would give the impression that there are lots of skilled workers out there looking for opportunities.

The BBC  States that it is not just coders, programmers and developers in short supply but people from every single type of engineering.


However the Guardian say that we are producing more graduates than there are positions, but that we are not attracting them into careers in science, technology and manufacturing.


So, whilst we are unsure of the exact figures surrounding this potential skill shortage we can say two things.

The first is that if we continue to develop our education strategies and business plans to help nurture young hopefuls we will make a positive impact on the IT world.

The second is, if you are struggling to fill developer roles but don’t want to outsource offshore, why not try onshore?

We are an onshore outsourcing company based in Cornwall, UK.
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We would love to hear your thoughts on this current debate.

Do you think the issue is there are not enough quality jobs? Or do you think that there are not enough skilled workers?



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