How Outsourcing with Headforwards Works

Here at Headforwards we do onshore outsourcing, differently.

More efficiently.

We create bespoke teams for your project, tailored to its specific needs.
Other outsource companies often have people waiting on the bench for new projects, which ultimately drives their costs up. It is also common for team members to be switched between projects and clients; we feel strongly that this is counter productive and never move team members around.

If you chose to work with Headforwards on a Software project, you would be involved in the recruitment from the beginning.

First we would discuss your project, how you picture your team and how we can make it happen.

Whilst discussing structure we would draft a sample team for you, deciding on the number of developers, QA testers and Scrum Masters etc. Only when we fully understand your requirements would we start to recruit your team, ensuring you have the people you need.

We do all our recruiting in house, and have perfected a very successful model. We also have a database of specialists who have approached us previously wanting to work with us.
After our initial assessments of the CVs, we then offer the applicants an automated test, which gives us a good insight into them.

In the next stage we would offer a Skype interview; we use this to determine if they would be a good fit for the team.
Once we have established that they would work well within the team we would then invite you, the client, to get involved.
The final stage in the recruitment process is the technical interview which is conducted in person, we welcome our clients to attend this either in person or remotely.

We view our projects as collaboration; people need to talk to each other to make this work. We believe in having a very open dialogue with our clients, ensuring they are up to speed on the project at all times.

We use agile philosophy as well as methodology, which enables us to deliver custom software that satisfies your requirements. We have refined our development and QA processes to enable seamless integration with our client’s organisations, globally.

Why does the Headforwards model work?
We believe in people.
We recruit excellent teams and retain them. Company culture is important to us, we socialise together which helps cement good teams relationships.

Headforwards is a dynamic company offering software developers fulfilling careers in the idyllic location of Cornwall leading to us attracting some of the best talent from around the world.

We care about our clients and are dedicated to creating the right solution for them. The project is a collaboration and it is our understanding of this concept that stands us apart.

If you are interested in finding out how we could make your next project come to fruition, please contact us.