Top 10 things to do on your Lunchbreak

Top 10 things to do on your Lunch break

Today in the office we have been sharing productivity tips. One topic that repeatedly came up was lunch breaks.

We all know it is important to have a lunch break but that doesn’t always mean we take them. I am sure more than one of us is prone to eating lunch one handed at our desks whilst trying to finish off some urgent work. Is this really being productive?

Recently I have been making a concerted effort to take my full lunch break every day and step away from my desk! As a result I have seen my afternoon productivity go up, meaning that even though I work an hour less, I am getting more work done.

So, in a bid to hopefully encourage you all to take your lunch breaks and make the most of that magical hour, here are our Top 10 Things to do on your Lunch break.

1. Go for a walk. Get outside, go explore. It raises your heart rate and gets your blood flowing.

2. Be practical. Get some of those annoying little jobs done like going to the bank or the post office. This will hopefully free up your evening and weekends for more exciting things.

3. Outdoor Activities. Get out for a run, it doesn’t matter if you are not in the most scenic of places just get out there and go for it. We are lucky that there are showers here at the Pool Innovation Centre so we can freshen up before going back to our desks, which of course keeps our colleagues happy. We are also very close to the sea so some team members go surfing on their lunch breaks.

4. Go to the Gym. If you have a gym nearby why not use it? You can swim, use the free weights perhaps they even have a class running during lunch. Lots of gyms offer discounted corporate membership so it could end up being even cheaper for you.

5. Explore local attractions. Is there a museum or exhibition nearby? Why not go and check it out, you may find it inspires and motivates you. We are opposite Heartlands which is home to a really interesting mining museum. It also has a lovely cafe and is a great spot for a lunchtime walk or run.

6. Play a game. Here at Headforwards and we have a Fußball table in the building that gets a lot of use over lunchtime. You could also organise a board game club, have a chess tournament or even a massive game of Risk.

7. Read a book. I love to read, but find that when I get into bed at night with a good book I rarely get through a chapter before falling asleep. Why not bring your book to work with you and sit outside in the sunshine and catch up with your favourite characters.

8. Learn a language. Once a week we have a group Japanese lesson here at Headforwards. I find that because we are learning in a group, I am more dedicated and focused on the work than I would if I was learning independently. However some people may prefer to learn a language on their own. There are lots of tools available online for this as well as many apps on your phone.

9. Power nap. Controversial I know, but sometimes a quick 20 min power nap can fix a wold of tiredness problems. If the weather is nice you can lie down on the grass for a quick snooze, if not you can always pop to your car. Just make sure to set an alarm for yourself.

10. Eat! Food is fantastic and eating is a great social activity. Why not arrange to go out to lunch with a few work colleagues or old friends who work nearby. Perhaps you could even meet up with your significant other for a quick lunch without the kids. Bliss.

Time is precious and if you put your mind to it you can really achieve something special with your lunch hours. So forget about feeling guilty and get outside and enjoy your break.

If you have any other great lunch time ideas we would love to hear them. You can join the conversation on our Facebook Page, Twitter Or Google+ if that is more your thing.