Helping Firms Surf the Waves of the Cornish Tech Boom

We were recently featured in the Bristol Business Post in an article called “Helping Firms Surf the Waves of the Cornish Tech Boom” 

West Cornwall boasts the second fastest-growing cluster of tech firms in the UK, having seen a growth of 153% between 2010 and 2014.

The government’s Tech Nation Report put it ahead of Bristol, and it even left London and Cambridge in  the shade.

The large-scale roll-out of fibre broadband also meant that, by 2011, the county had a greater proportion of homes and businesses connected to the superfast networks, at above 95% – and work is continuing towards achieving the ultimate aim of hitting 99%.

Redruth based Headforwards is among the more prominent companies helping businesses to take advantage of these developments in superfast networks, helping others to build the foundations for achieving their own ambitions through the development and testing of quality software products which integrate seamlessly with their existing operations, anywhere in the world.

Headforwards says that decisions to outsource such processes are often mistakenly – taken on the basis of cost alone. “But we provide real value through our experience in attracting talent and delivering solutions using tried-and-tested agile technologies” says director Toby Parkins

Established in 2011, the company now has 65 employees, and boasts a global client roster. This has been achieved, says Mr Parkins, “by building a team of talented, capable, passionate and determined software engineers, who strive to collectively and continuously delivery better software.”

Its mantra is “agile excellence” – the former describing how its software solutions are designed to grow, adapt and continually improve, together with the businesses they support, and the latter – well, speaks for itself, in terms of the quality of its end products.

So Headforwards’ clients benefit from a dedicated team of people for their individual projects, meaning clear channels of communication, so bugs can be quickly addressed and eradicated.

While some notable national companies bemoan a lack of skilled software developers, Headforwards happily has few problems in that regard, largely thanks to its location in arguably the most fashionable part of the UK outside London – and one of the most beautiful.

That location, Toby Parkins believes, is reflected in his company’s working methods, and ultimately, its products: “Being close to the sea is a privilege that gives us inspiration to think faster and wider than other closed-space solutions”, he says, adding that the “enviable” quality of life its staff enjoy helps invigorate key aspects of Headforwards’ core values.”

It has all helped produce a software sector which, according to Invest in Cornwall, is twice as productive as the average for any other UK region.

And Headforwards is contributing heavily to ensuring that the county maintains this advantage, through a series of well-attended events titled “Software Squad” designed to show school pupils how they can pursue and develop their interest in IT, and go on to enjoy successful and fulfilling careers.

After such a successful event in 2015, a repeat was held on 19th May, as part of Headforwards’ fifth birthday celebrations.

Headforwards is also a founding member of not-for-profit organisation Software Cornwall which works to raise the profile of the county’s tech services and with the education sector bridge the skills gap. On Thursday 16th June, Headforwards base at the Pool Innovation Centre will host Software Cornwall’s next major event. See for more details.

Bristol Business Post- Headforwards article