Headstock 2016

Here at Headforwards we like to end the summer with a bang. Our annual, mini-festival; Headstock 2016, did not disappoint.

This year we took the festivities to a whole new level. We gave Nick and his family’s land a chance to recover and relocated proceedings over to The Quarry in St Agnes. Karen, Lyssa and the team had their work cut out, but they pulled off a
spectacular event.

We decided to hold Headstock 2016 in mid September. Down here in Cornwall, we often find September has some of the best Summer weather. We were not let down!

Headstock 2016 kicked off at Midday in glorious conditions with the sun on our faces. We hired two bouncy castles for the day as well as a face painter. This kept the kids in attendance entertained for hours. The ‘assault course’ bouncy castle was a mega success. It brought out the big kid in all of us.

The theme selected by the Headstock 2016 committee was… Rainbow! All attendees were encouraged to express their colourful side. We had some stunning entries from Peter Haworth and Andras’s wife; Evelin.

Activities such as Giant Jenga and Swingball were in full flow throughout the afternoon. These were complimented by the chilled out vibes produced by reggae duo: ‘Konquerin Soundz‘.

Toby and Karen manned the BBQ throughout the afternoon and evening keeping our energy levels high. There’s one thing we know how to do at Headforwards and that’s BBQ!

At 6pm the party moved down into The Quarry. The Quarry as a venue allowed us to play host to several top notch Cornish bands. Badland Blues, lead by Brian Hart, kickstarted the evening in groovy fashion. Next was the hugely popular Love Gap, with Engine House bringing the live music to an end. DJ Darren Karmaloji then took us to 1am with his funky disco beats.

The music then drew to a close but the party didn’t stop there. Many carried on partying until the early hours around the campfire.

Sunday morning brought us more great sunshine which helped clear our heads. The views available at that time in the morning made us all appreciate what a fantastic place Cornwall is to live.

We can safely say that Headstock 2016 was a great success. Here at Headforwards we place great importance of getting together as a group and spending time in each others company outside of the office. We believe this makes happy, healthy relationships that catalyse our teams productivity.

Check out our video by Jimmy Pinfield from The Shouting Place and our collection of photos from the weekend, which one is your favourite?!

Headstock 2016 from Headforwards Solutions LTD on Vimeo.



headforwards-headstock16-banners8    headforwards-headstock2016-andras-evelin headforwards-headstock2016-backstage headforwards-headstock2016-badland-blues-brian-hart headforwards-headstock2016-badland-blues-live-cornish-music headforwards-headstock2016-band headforwards-headstock2016-banners-bouncy-castles headforwards-headstock2016-banners-relaxing headforwards-headstock2016-bbq-meat headforwards-headstock2016-bbq-sausages headforwards-headstock2016-bbq-team headforwards-headstock2016-bbq1 headforwards-headstock2016-bbq2 headforwards-headstock2016-bbq3 headforwards-headstock2016-bbq4

headforwards-headstock2016-bouncy-assault-course-castle headforwards-headstock2016-bouncy-castle-kids headforwards-headstock2016-bouncy-castle-teamwork


headforwards-headstock2016-cornish-coast headforwards-headstock2016-craig-partying headforwards-headstock2016-crowd-dancing-live-music headforwards-headstock2016-crowd headforwards-headstock2016-crowd2 headforwards-headstock2016-dancing-crowd headforwards-headstock2016-disco-lights

headforwards-headstock2016-dj-decks headforwards-headstock2016-dj-marquee headforwards-headstock2016-drumkit headforwards-headstock2016-drummer headforwards-headstock2016-dudes-chilling headforwards-headstock2016-gazeebo-beer headforwards-headstock2016-happy-faces headforwards-headstock2016-hay-banners-bouncy-castles headforwards-headstock2016-kids-facpaint

headforwards-headstock2016-kids-rainbow headforwards-headstock2016-konquerinsoundz1 headforwards-headstock2016-lights-stage headforwards-headstock2016-live-bands headforwards-headstock2016-live-cornish-bands headforwards-headstock2016-live-cornish-music headforwards-headstock2016-live-music-engine-house headforwards-headstock2016-vinyl

headforwards-headstock2016-live-music-john headforwards-headstock2016-live-music-love-gap

headforwards-headstock2016-live-music headforwards-headstock2016-live-music2 headforwards-headstock2016-lovegap-live-music headforwards-headstock2016-lovegap headforwards-headstock2016-partying-dancing headforwards-headstock2016-partying headforwards-headstock2016-partying2 headforwards-headstock2016-quarry-crowd headforwards-headstock2016-quarry-live-music headforwards-headstock2016-quarry-stage headforwards-headstock2016-quarry-team-festival headforwards-headstock2016-quarry-team headforwards-headstock2016-rainbow-evelin headforwards-headstock2016-rainbow-flag headforwards-headstock2016-security headforwards-headstock2016-shin-family headforwards-headstock2016-squad-team headforwards-headstock2016-stage-band headforwards-headstock2016-stage headforwards-headstock2016-swingball headforwards-headstock2016-team-family headforwards-headstock2016-team-perry-laura headforwards-headstock2016-team-relaxing