What happened when we pitched up at The Blue

What Happened When we Pitched up at The Blue

The Blue Bar in Porthtowan was the venue for Software Cornwall’s latest event – Pitch Up At The Blue.

A fantastic venue overlooking Porthtowan beach, the Blue Bar has a great function room next to the main bar.  When we arrived there were already a lot of delegates talking and milling about. A couple of them were already clutching pints despite the tea, coffee and cakes on offer. Well, why not, it is a bar after all!

This was the first event of its kind for Software Cornwall and it was a great success.  The event was designed so that local businesses or entrepreneurs could showcase what they do or any new ideas, to an audience of like-minded local business owners and employees.  Ultimately the aim is to increase communication, understanding and awareness.


The idea being that if we are more aware of other businesses in Cornwall, then we may be able to facilitate opportunities for those businesses. And ultimately that benefits Cornwall as a whole.

Our Director Toby Parkins kicked off the event with an anecdote of a chance meeting at a BBQ in Cornwall 7 years ago. That chance meeting led to an email to Toby (who was on holiday in France) which introduced him to the CTO of one of the top 3 telco businesses in the world, with a £100 billion turnover. The introduction turned into a meeting, the CTO was impressed and work began on a short contract. Again, the CTO was impressed and asked Toby if he could set up a team to take on outsourced development. Following this Toby set up Headforwards with Craig Girvan, changing the way that businesses outsource development.  Headforwards now employs close to 100 people in Cornwall, and is working with other global businesses.


The point here is that the chance meetings which led to Headforwards being created could never have happened without the people involved having an understanding of Toby and his businesses capabilities.  It is this knowledge sharing which Pitch Up At The Blue and Software Cornwall want to promote.

In attendance were companies varying from those promoting education in Cornwall, geographical mapping services, Cornwall Live promoting The Edge Awards (which celebrate Cornwall as a centre for digital technology) different consultancies and many more.

It was a great day with many companies finding out about new people and businesses which may be able to support them or their network in the future.  We really hope to see more events of this kind so that we can all help each other and promote Cornwall as a great place to do business!