Advantages of Working at Headforwards

The Advantages of Working at Headforwards

Here at Headforwards, we aim to provide a range perks and advantages for our team. From little things like daily fresh fruit to exclusive-mini festivals each summer. Here are some of the perks our team enjoy:

Team Socials

We organise lots of team socials. The events can be anything from private cinema screenings, local rugby matches, go-karting to summer beach BBQs. These events allow everybody to relax and take the time to socialise with other members of the team. As Headforwards is ever expanding, it can be challenging to interact with everybody, especially during work hours. Taking time to get to know more of the team outside of work is really useful and brings everybody closer together.

Headstock – End of Summer Company Festival 

To celebrate the end of summer, we hold a special invite-only event for everybody here at Headforwards plus family and friends. Last year, the festival was held in St Agnes at The Quarry. It was the perfect way to sign-off such an exciting summer. Check out the full gallery here: Headstock 2016

Headtalks – Monthly Internal Technical Conference

Each month, we hold an internal technical conference.  A lot of the talks are orientated around programming, engineering and other fields of computer science. A few popular talks: The Future of JavaScript, Digital Astrophotography, 3D Printing, Presentation Skills & Buzzword Bingo.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh raspberries, apples, bananas, blueberries, clementines, plums… The list goes on. It’s important to eat healthy food whilst working. We ensure each office has a supply of fresh fruit for everybody to share during the working week.

Corporate Gym Membership Rates

Our office is situated 5 minutes away from a local gym, pool and sports hall facility. A discount is available for any of the team to take advantage of.

Fresh Coffee

There is never a shortage of coffee beans here at Headforwards. Fresh beans are delivered directly to our offices where we grind them ourselves for the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

Salary Sacrifice Bike Scheme

With a lot of the team living close by, some choose to cycle to work – We offer a scheme to allow anybody to purchase new cycling equipment with a deduction to their monthly salary.

Lunch Clubs

There are lots of different activities during lunchtime hours. A lot of the team like to get away from the office and focus on sports and technical hobbies. Here are some of the clubs currently active at Headforwards:

  • Robot Club
  • Badminton & Tennis League
  • Running Club
  • Laser Tag League
  • Photography Club
  • Kick Boxing
  • 3D Printing
  • Table Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Golf
  • Yoga club

All of these classes are managed and hosted by members of the team.

External Conferences & Meetups

We attend a lot of conferences and like to encourage anybody who is interested in attending talks – and shows – not just to represent Headforwards, but to allow them to pursue their interests in future technologies.


Although not technically a benefit we provide, our location is really important. We are just 10 minutes away from a coastline peppered with idyllic beaches and coastal walks.

Flexible Working Time

Although we have core business hours, we allow for flexible working time. This enables people the flexibility for earlier starts, later finishes, longer lunches – or whatever is needed to ensure that life is made easier!

Recreation Rooms

There are shared spaces throughout the building for anybody to use. They are a great place to get away from the desk and take some time to relax during breaks. They include sofas, somewhere to eat, study corners and of course, tabletop football.

Enhanced Company Pension

We offer an enhanced pension contribution of up to 3% to anybody who also contributes the same amount or more.


Private showers are available in various places throughout our office buildings. Perfect if you’re planning to cycle into work or want to go for a run during lunch.

We have a lot of events on throughout the year. If you want to see what our team get up to, check out the link below.


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