We recently embarked on a new challenge, working with our local authority as they look to improve the access and confidence that residents and members have to technology

We’re ensuring that people are able to access high-quality services through digital and technology channels. It’s an ambitious programme and one that we’re proud to be part of. It’s a high-profile project and it will play a big role in delivering key initiatives in Cornwall over the next few years. At the heart of the project is data. There are over 800 different data sources coming through in various different formats. We’re helping to understand and organise the data and make it available to the people who can use it to make a difference.

You will support the initial integration of identified data sets ranging from internal sources systems to external data feeds into a cloud based relational enterprise data warehouse. Working with the business to identify and produce management information from this centralised data store using a range of data visualisation tools. The delivery is primarily supported by a Microsoft first approach. Considerations must be given to the initiation, formation and standardisation of best practices to support ETL procedures, data quality measurement, data retention, master data management and role management.

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