Sharing, learning and growing

When it comes to talent development, we don’t rely on traditional training programs. Instead, we’ve created an open, knowledge-sharing culture where those eager to progress can learn from some of the best in the business—and share their own experiences in turn.

For the curious, dedicated and determined, this presents the perfect opportunity to advance their skills and discover where their ability can take them.

We don’t offer any formal or structured training, but we do provide the ideal environment for those who want to learn, grow and progress their career.

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Marie Ashton

Recruitment and Talent Specialist

Self-directed learning

An appetite for learning is a key characteristic of our people. If you are self-motivated, you’ll fit in well and you will find ample opportunities to learn from some fantastic people.

As well as our emphasis on knowledge sharing, we organise event visits, courses and expert-led talks to help our people stay up to date with the latest industry developments. Mini workshops also provide regular opportunities to exchange ideas, learn from each other and practice important skills like public speaking.

We love self-motivators. If you come to us and show us a course that will benefit you and the way you work, then we will make that happen.

The career progression framework

Self-directed learning is great, but it’s also important that people know what opportunities are available. That’s why we developed a framework to help our employees identify potential career paths. Typical of our inclusive environment, Headforwards’ career progression framework was created together with the whole team, so everyone has input into their own development.

If you want to be surrounded by the latest technology and really intelligent people that are always open to sharing knowledge, then this is a great place to learn and progress your career.

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