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Agile Code Retreat – Two Days of Enhancing Software Development Practises

The Agile Code Retreat is a 2-day event where participants study and practice different tools and methodologies used in... Read more

Increasing Knowledge Sharing in an Organisation

The distribution of project-based knowledge can be painfully slow. New discoveries and findings within a project... Read more

Agile on the Beach 2017 – A Small Slice Of Agile Utopia

This time last year I was working on my own projects with no real element of shared work with others. Prioritisation was driven merely by my own personal preference of what I thought was right and never stood back to ask if what I am contributing is in fact, valuable... Read more

Cultural Barriers to Agile Success

Adaptive, reactive, responsive, incremental… Excuse the buzzword bingo, but these are words that are bandied around a lot in the world of Agile.  What do they mean to you? More importantly, what do they mean to you, your team and your organisation? Embedding the philosophy of Agile is a massive... Read more

Waterfall vs. Agile – Comparing Software Development Techniques

Making the right decision for your team, the project and your client is critically important. There are many different practices available to follow within the ever-changing world of software development. Two of the most popular are Waterfall and Agile. One of the best ways to imagine how this process... Read more