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Waterfall vs. Agile – Comparing Software Development Techniques

Making the right decision for your team, the project and your client is critically important. There are many different practices available to follow within the ever-changing world of software development. Two of the most popular are Waterfall and Agile. One of the best ways to imagine how this process... Read more

Headforwards .NET Meetup

.NET Developer? Get involved with an informal meetup next Friday here at Headforwards in Redruth. The aim of this session is to work out a schedule for future events whilst building new relationships with other developers. If you're interested in attending, please confirm your place with us. Location: Pool... Read more

Raconteur- CIOs Must Evolve…

Raconteur is a publishing house that produces special reports for The Times and The Sunday Times. They focus on creating high quality, relevant and informative content. They have recently published an article about the evolving role a CIO has in a company. "Continuous disruption is forcing companies to... Read more

Is There an IT Skills Shortage? The Big Debate!

The IT sector in the UK is growing at an astounding rate, however the media is reporting a shortage of skilled IT workers but how true is this statement? Is there an IT skills shortage? The recent changes to the National curriculum  are a good start to closing this... Read more

Should Children Learn to Code?

There seems to be a lot in the media at the moment about children learning to code, but what do you think about it? Are we getting children too involved with technology? The BBC recently did a report on children in Hong Kong learning to code after school. Barclays bank are... Read more