.NET Careers

Passionate about .NET? Want to live and work in Cornwall?

We’ve got 5 .NET teams here at Headforwards and we are building another right now! These teams work for 2 different clients and on a few different applications but the core theme is building responsive web applications using C# and JavaScript libraries like React. With the new team we’re building there will be around 30 of us, all working in small self-organising teams of 3-7 people each.

We are excited about trying out new ways of delivering software, at the moment we are embracing TDD and mobbing. We focus a lot on releasing our software without manual steps. We are not quite at the point of releasing continuously but we do have all our regression testing running automatically after code commit and our applications are automatically (after a few human approvals) deployed into production if the tests are green.


We are using .NET Core for some applications and leveraging the capabilities of Azure more is a key focus for 2019. We are passionate about clean code and work hard to ensure that the code we create is performant, secure and easy to maintain. TDD is an approach that all our teams have embraced and wherever we can we try to avoid lots of full stack testing. We'd rather ensure that everything is working as part of our automated build than wait until the system is deployed. We have experienced software testing professionals who work within the teams to help us ensure that we have appropriate test coverage - no one likes investigating production bugs so we try to prevent as many as possible as early as we can. We don't have long testing phases, but we do lots of testing!

Delivering business value is at the core of all of our teams but we don't do this at the expense of code quality. We believe that with the right approaches we can deliver loads of business value with code that everyone can be proud of. We don't always get this perfect but where we do have technical debt we don't ignore it and we work with the Product Owners to ensure we pay off the debt before if becomes a problem. We have a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement at Headforwards. There are a number of Communities of Practice that enable us to discuss new technologies and share our experiences. Our monthly Headtalks event allows us all to hear about things that developers find interesting - you can check some of them out on our YouTube channel.

Some of our developers have started organising the Cornwall .NET Developer meetup group and we’re looking forward to bringing people from Cornwall together to debate the burning issues and to learn from each other.

It's not all work, work, work though, we understand that developers need time to recharge their brains. Whether that is scratching a technical itch playing with a new technology like Unity, nipping out to the beach at lunchtime, coming to one of our monthly socials or just leaving early sometimes, Headforwards supports and encourages everyone to focus on both the work and life aspects of the work-life balance.