With digital transformation high on the agendas of countless organisations, it’s important to get it right first time. See how our collaborative, Agile development services partnership can help transform your most critical manual processes. 

Data and Business Intelligence

Whether you’re curious about what you can do with data or looking for a way to accelerate your data journey, we can work with you to harness your data and transform your data management processes – helping you gain unique, competitive insights.

By taking a people-driven approach to data usage, we’ll carry out a data maturity and quality assessment to understand your team’s skillsets, the state of your current processes, and how your data sets can be improved. 

With a logical, standardised approach to data, we put governance at the heart of our work, enabling you to aggregate and make sense of your data – wherever it resides. 

And once the right data’s in place, we’ll even work with you to optimise how it’s visualised and interpreted, helping you pull out key insights using advanced features in Microsoft Power BI to tell the right story.

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Digitally transforming manual processes at Cornwall Council

Headforwards delivered unified data management and self-serve capabilities to digitally transform manual processes at Cornwall Council.

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