Engagement process

The Headforwards engagement process

Defining how we will partner with you, to deliver quality software.

We seek to establish productive and long-standing relationships with our clients, based on trust and mutual benefit.

As soon as we understand what you want to achieve, we’ll work with you to agree the most appropriate engagement model and the resources required to meet your needs.

At Headforwards, we will always employ the people you require. Creating bespoke teams for your projects, we don’t have people on the bench or changing projects/clients, this ensures that you have the best people for the project.


There are five key steps in our Engagement Process:

1. Understand your needs

2. Establish communication protocols

3. Build the team

4. Onboard

5. Refine the delivery model

We view our projects as collaborations, and believe it is is extremely important to have open dialogues with our clients ensuring they are up to speed on the project at all times.

First we would discuss your project, how you picture your team and how we can make it happen.

Whilst discussing structure we would draft a sample team for you and only when we fully understand your requirements, would we start to recruit your team ensuring you have the right people.


We would take the lead from you, as to how involved you wish to be with the recruitment process. You are welcome to join us for interviews via Skype or even in person.

Here at Headforwards we believe in Agile as a philosophy as well as methodology and this enables us to deliver custom software that satisfies your requirements.
We have refined our development and QA processes to enable seamless integration with our clients organisations, globally. Why does the Headforwards model work?
We believe in people.
We recruit excellent teams  and we retain them by offering them fulfilling careers in an idyllic location at a dynamic company.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we could make your next project a success, please contact us.