Clients see value faster

Unlike developers who work to a monthly release cycle, Headforwards teams are geared up to deliver new software into production every day – so clients get valuable new features fast.

Almost all Headforwards’ clients benefit from continuous delivery. From retail organisations to financial services providers, continuous delivery gives clients a commercial advantage, as it means they can offer new services and functionality faster than their competitors.

Switching to a continuous delivery cycle can be a big jump, but it can bring some huge benefits. With less time spent on testing and release cycles, clients can see major value early on.

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Jake Kimpton

Strategy Analyst

Made possible by Agile

Continuous delivery is made possible by Agile practices. By breaking projects down into small packets of work and working on them iteratively, Headforwards teams can deliver against clients’ priorities faster.

And with weekly – or even daily – release cycles, clients can easily add or change requirements and barriers, such as approval stage gates, are removed from the process completely.

Continuous delivery works really well with Agile development at Headforwards. Our teams are able to be more flexible, and it’s much easier working with clients on the release process.

Small tasks, big results

Teams at Headforwards are self-organising and comprised of developers and testers – which make them well suited for continuous delivery.

Teams can focus on developing, testing and delivering small pieces of functionality each day, so the client gets fully-tested, quality software that meets key priorities – without having to wait for the next monthly release.

When a client chooses to use continuous delivery, our teams can develop, test and deploy software in just a few days. Developers can focus on one task at a time, and results are seen much earlier on.

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