David Longman

Scrum Master

Dave has over 20 years experience working in the software industry across a number of different technical and leadership roles. He has been pivotal in several successful agile transformation initiatives and is a vocal advocate of delivering high quality and easy to maintain code. He has spoken at a number of industry conferences on team dynamics and estimating and forecasting.

Live and livestreamed HeadTalk: How can we optimise delivery for pandemic and post-pandemic teams? 

The pandemic forced many of our hands when it came to homebased working and many companies are drifting back or coming up with hybrids. But what effect do these changes have on delivery, and what considerations should we all be making?  

On 2 December, Headforwards Product Owner and Agile Team Lead, Dave Longman is hosting a live and livestreamed HeadTalk, interrogating these questions. Join us in the FibreHub auditorium, or online, from 2-3pm.  

Who is it for? 

Dave’s HeadTalk would be of value to anyone with a responsibility for delivery or operations, across most sectors. Scrum masters, product owners, ops managers, CTOs/CIOs/ Marketing managers et cetera! 

What is a HeadTalk? 

HeadTalks for many years have been how the Headforwards team shares ideas. For the first time we’re opening up the floor to internal and external audiences, and speakers.

Live and livestreamed registration available here.

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