Steph Langley

Full Stack Developer

Steph Langley is a full stack developer working with diverse clients in the Headforwards Projects Team. Outside of work she swims, surfs and does triathlons. She also is a Surf Life Saving coach for the Hayle Surf Life Saving Club, working with teenagers on skills, fitness and life saving techniques.

From playing video games as a teenager, Steph became interested in programming which subsequently led her to studying Computer Science at Swansea University, and her career path in technology. After University Steph became a junior technical support Engineer, beginning at a start-up company which led to working at Headforwards.   

However Steph’s yearning for a new adventure took her away from Headforwards to Canada and Australia for two years on a work travel visa where she worked as a farm hand, resort cleaner, and caravan park manager in between traveling.   

9,651 miles from Cornwall 

Returning to Cornwall, Steph re-joined the team at Headforwards, starting as a front-end developer with a telecommunications client. Progressing to the Headforwards’ Projects team as a full-stack developer, where she works with a number of different clients on a variety of projects.   

Steph says: “I like the fact that with the team I’m in at the moment, I get to work with a load of different tech stacks. I learn new skills because a client might want to use something that we’re not using all the time, so you get the chance to upskill as part of your job.”  

Teamwork makes the dream work

Steph feels that the most rewarding part about working at Headforwards is being able to collaborate with each client, helping them to realise what they need and refine their requirements:   

“I love when a client comes to us and they kind of know what they want, and what their product is going to look like. Then when you start working on it and demoing it to them, they realise that this is just the start and that they want a load of additional things.   

“They start to realise how this is going to make their lives easier, how this piece of software is going to change how their company runs. You’re improving peoples work and lives through the software we are putting out.”  

Steph and the rest of the Projects team choose to come into the office twice a week to collaborate, catch-up on ongoing workstreams and have a general natter!

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It’s quite a nice thing when you find a team of people that all work well together, and you enjoy coming into work. Especially when you don’t have to physically go into work.

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Steph Langley

Full Stack Developer

Always active

Alongside the flexibility of being able to decide where she works from, Steph enjoys the flexibility of being able to decide her working hours. As a keen swimmer, surfer and triathlon-er if the swell is good Steph can start earlier and finish later, or vice versa, to make the most of the good surf.  

She says: “I do a lot of activities outside of work and having a flexible work schedule is really great. So I’m able to start a bit earlier, finish a bit later, fit a swim in my lunchbreak. Which I think is really valuable, especially down here in Cornwall.”  

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