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  • From Once a Month to Fifteen Times a Day – Our Journey Into Continuous Delivery

    We build software. We also build the teams that build the software. Currently, with one our clients we are releasing 15-20 new updates a day across a global infrastructure. And, with zero downtime. Continuous Delivery is something that really excites us here at Headforwards. But software deployment... Read more

    Team Adventure: Skinners Brewery Tour

    Our February team event was a private tour of the famous Skinner's Brewery. We were all super excited to see behind the scenes of such a well-known Cornish beer producer. After the tour, ample quantities of tasters were available plus a tasty Cornish pasty. Free beer and free food – the ultimate... Read more

    How To Learn Code: Online Resources for Beginners

    There is an unlimited supply of coding resources on the web. 110,000,000 according to Google Search. Learning a programming language online is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with newly added features. Here at Headforwards, our team use a wide variety of online resources to help them stay ahead of the... Read more

    Adventures in .NET – Thoughts from the team

    Here at Headforwards, we have over 80 talented software developers. There isn't a day where a project isn't bringing new complications and problems to overcome. With ongoing work for some of the largest companies in the world, the developers have racked up countless programming languages, frameworks and tools used for a... Read more

    Headforwards Hosts .NET Meetup: Roundup

    Due to the success of recent developer events, we scheduled our first ever .NET social meetup. The event location was at our HQ in Redruth. The objective: establish a plan of action for future events. Armed with post-it notes and sharpies, topics soon emerged on the white-board. The main talking point... Read more