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  • Headstock 2017

    We love our team socials here at Headforwards and at the end of every summer, we put on an outdoor... Read more

    What Happened When we Pitched up at The Blue

    The Blue Bar in Porthtowan was the venue for Software Cornwall's latest event - Pitch Up At The Blue. A fantastic venue overlooking Porthtowan beach, the Blue Bar has a great function room next to the main bar.  When we arrived there were already a lot of delegates talking and milling... Read more

    The Problems With Outsourcing & How We Solve Them

    Outsourcing can be a frightening prospect for many companies. Moving internal process and workloads over to a third-party organisation isn’t a walk in the park. We are faced with a lot of difficult and complex problems when working with clients. They are usually unique to a specific project and require... Read more

    Team BBQ – August 2017

    Planning for a BBQ between the occasional and slightly unpredictable weather has been an interesting one for us this month. Luckily, the weather prevailed for a few hours giving us time for a BBQ at our local favourite,  Tevaunance Cove, St Agnes. Here are some photos taken the evening, including... Read more

    Agile on the Beach 2017 – A Small Slice Of Agile Utopia

    This time last year I was working on my own projects with no real element of shared work with others. Prioritisation was driven merely by my own personal preference of what I thought was right and never stood back to ask if what I am contributing is in fact, valuable... Read more