Create effective teams

Headforwards is different from other software outsource companies – and a big part of that difference is the company’s approach to resourcing projects.

At Headforwards, each client has a dedicated team, hand-picked to meet the client’s specific needs, and in place for the long term. To ensure a great cultural fit and a great start to the relationship, clients are involved at every step of the team recruitment process.

Close collaboration means clients and the team get to know each other better every day, resulting in a strong partnership, the opportunity to share skills and knowledge, and a high quality of delivered software.

With tightly-crafted teams for every client, everyone builds strong relationships with each other – it makes the challenges easier to overcome, and the successes even bigger.

Dave Longman

Client Account Manager

High-performing teams, high-quality software

There can be a lot of difficult conversations during software development; which route to go down, which technique to use, or even which skills are needed on the team.

But when there’s a strong bond between the individual team members and the client, finding the right solution becomes easier.

It’s important everyone is trusted equally in our teams. The right mix of experiences and skills can generate some really exciting ideas and it completely shapes the way the project runs.

Grow successful teams

Creating an effective team is only the first step. For a team to thrive, individual members must work closely together to reach their goals. Headforwards takes an Agile approach to development, using techniques like pair programming and mob programming to bring team members together, share knowledge and skills, and ultimately deliver high quality software, fast.

At the same time, each team’s scrum master is there to keep up morale, encourage team cohesion and ensure the team is maximising its potential.