Proof of concept


Proof of Concept projects are as much about learning what works as they are about supporting the path to further investment, whether internally or externally. Headforwards’ approach means we can help clients achieve this quickly and efficiently.

We know that speed, scope and resource need to be carefully managed with Proof of Concept projects. Headforwards works in close collaboration with the client and leverages continuous transparency and regular commercial check-ins, giving opportunities to change course if necessary.

We believe in people and Agile principles over dogma. If we can get everyone to work together effectively, we’re going to get a much better result.

Tom Clark

Agile Facilitator

Headforwards not only offers a fast start to a project but also allows for flexible resourcing so that fresh skills can be added as and when the need arises. Working towards a proof of concept involves as many business and UX decisions as it does tech ones and we bring in the right expertise as needed to make sure our clients get the right result.

An Agile facilitator, providing the equivalent of 1 day per week, can lead workshops that include customer journey maps and other collaborative discovery sessions.

That same facilitator will champion Agile ceremonies such as daily stand-ups, reviews and retrospectives that are shared with the client Product Owner through a dedicated digital kanban board and wiki-style living documentation.


  • Fast start
  • Optimised for budget and core outcomes 
  • Highly skilled, full-stack engineers 
  • Flexible resourcing - additional skills available at short notice 

  • Timeframe – 2-6 weeks 

This client-focussed approach makes working with Headforwards as attractive to CTOs and CIOs in corporations and organisations as it is to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Our principles and values stay the same no matter how a client chooses to work with us.

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Our services

Proof of concept

To prove whether a software idea can be built in the real world, what technologies should be used and whether the software is likely to be adopted by its intended users.

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New product development

Developing and launching a new product to market requiring a rapid development cycle, strategy support, UX design and customer testing all in close client collaboration.

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Enterprise project

A stand-alone software project with clear business goals where the client would like to outsource for reasons ranging from skills/experience in certain technologies or products, to their technical teams already being at capacity with core work.

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Augmented team

A dedicated developer or small team in situations where budget or other constraints don’t allow a full, cross-functional capability. This model offers flexible access to bursts of support or specialist expertise, as and when appropriate.

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Dedicated teams

Offering a truly bespoke solution starting with a single team of at least 3 people and growing to any size over time. The team is recruited and organised to a client’s specific requirements.

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