A dedicated developer or small team in situations where budget or other constraints don’t allow a full, cross-functional capability. This model offers flexible access to bursts of support or specialist expertise, as and when appropriate.

A client may look to Headforwards to build a dedicated off-site team for a number of reasons. They may need extra resource but not have the physical space available to co-locate. They may wish to explore the benefits of an Agile methodology without transforming their existing enterprise. They may start with limited budget to prove what’s possible, before bringing more specialist expertise into the project – all of these can be resolved by using an Augmented Team with Headforwards.

Augmented teams can be a brilliant way for clients to optimise their budgets through flexible resourcing, only bringing in specialist expertise as and when it’s needed.

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Andy Roberts

Scrum Master

Dedicated teams are not only hired in collaboration with clients, they also work in close collaboration. Daily stand-ups and continuous transparency through digital kanban boards and living documentation, ensure that progress is visible and delivery is on-track. Continuous delivery ensures the team can deploy new work rapidly and be responsive, while maintaining stability in the software.

Some organisations want to move to an Agile approach, but legacy processes and modes of software development get in the way. By partnering with Headforwards, large organisations can immediately benefit from its Agile approach to software development; something that can be hard to achieve in-house.

Close collaboration means clients and the team get to know each other better every day, resulting in a strong partnership, the opportunity to share skills and knowledge, and ultimately quality, valuable software delivered.


  • Dedicated focus from your own team
  • Can deliver a continuous roadmap through the ‘power of a team’
  • Incremental growth – prove value to your stakeholders, before progressing to more team members
  • Flexible resourcing – additional skills available, at short notice

This client-focussed approach makes working with Headforwards as attractive to CTOs and CIOs in corporations and organisations as it is to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Our principles and values stay the same no matter how a client chooses to work with us.

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