What we believe

We believe in creating value

Headforwards believes clients get the greatest business value from software outsourcing when development teams are empowered to make their own decisions.

Clients look to Headforwards to develop software that creates value but, in a rapidly changing business environment, what constitutes that value might change from one week to the next.

Software can only continue to deliver business value if the development teams can adapt quickly and smoothly to changing client needs. A client relationship based on trust, transparency and collaboration combined with Agile working practices allows Headforwards to be able to respond to changes in a constructive way.

If something changes in our client’s world, they've got to adapt, they've got to look for a new competitive advantage in their software and that’s always what we aim to deliver.

Craig Girvan

Director & Co-founder

We believe in being Agile, we believe in empowering teams

The Agile Manifesto says quality software emerges from self-organising teams. Decision-making responsibility lies with the team working on each client project.

When team members feel empowered and engaged, they work to their full potential, and it shows in the quality of the software they deliver.

We believe the team is greater than the sum of its parts. We want to empower everybody who works for us and maximise their contribution – and the client really benefits from that.