Are there better ways to deliver your existing products? Let us be the CATALYST to evaluate, expand and progress ideas that will drive innovations, optimisations and efficiencies in your business. 

Economic pressures from multiple avenues mean business leaders need to rethink how they achieve growth. Improving organisational efficiency and optimising your operation can lead to a reduction in costs and better services for customers.  

360° solutions: more effective than most

Engineering expertise is in our DNA. We specialise in building high performing solutions that deliver value to your business quickly. It’s this core expertise that make our workshops so effective as we bring together all the skills you need in a single session that drive effective, realistic and implementable innovations.

Our team spans digital, strategy, design, technical, data, architectural and Agile delivery enabling us to facilitate process innovations that successfully interact with your entire organisation.  

There’s no need to speak to anyone else.


Rethinking innovation 

Innovation isn’t just for startups. Searching for process and service optimisations within your organisation still needs an innovative approach that results in implementable projects that deliver a return on investment. 

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How it works 

You need more than just an idea to evolve an existing process. CATALYST ticks all the boxes to move high-level ideas into a fully scoped, implementable solution ready to be built.   

Ideas evaluated  

  • What is the vision? 
  • What outcome will this innovation deliver for the business? 
  • How does it contribute to business strategy? 

 Solutions challenged 

  • How does your existing business landscape impact the solution? 
  • How can we mitigate any uncertainties early in the process? 
  • What would deliver your organisation maximum value from the start? 

Get ready to move 

  • What’s the most effective system? 
  • How could it be delivered? 
  • How much and how long? 

Our experts

Peter Reed
Peter Reed
Lead Advisory Partner

Andy Roberts
Head of Commercial and Accounts

David Longman
Head of Delivery

John Howell
Head of Technology

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