Agile practices underpin highly effective IT teams. We support with Agile transformations, Agile coaching and evaluations of your Agile delivery.

In an exceptionally fast-moving world, an Agile approach to IT, software and technical delivery allows for the adaptability, predictability and responsiveness that today’s businesses demand. Regular changes in regulation, user requirements and maximising emerging market opportunities all require Agility and adaptability in order for organisations to remain competitive.

Many organisations know that moving to Agile will improve their approach to delivery, but legacy processes and large traditional structures can get in the way.  As a result, the reality of transition can be a daunting prospect.

Our approach

“Genchi Genbutsu”

Where are you winning already? What’s working and where do improvements need to be made? We listen and we playback, co-creating an approach bespoke to your organisation.

Agreement and alignment

Engagement and buy-in from across the business are fundamental to the success of Agile. We facilitate this process with each team, their stakeholders and senior management, agreeing critical success factors and measurable outcomes.

Ways of working

The Agile methodology, tooling and underpinning Agile culture, aligned to required organisational technology deliverables and technical delivery processes and policies.

Embedding the framework

Implementation of the agreed ways of working including approach, methodology and ceremonies.

Support and evolve

Agile coaching to enable self-sufficiency among teams and a responsive approach to adapting and evolving the framework to drive continuous improvement.

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“Fast to adapt beats slow to evolve. ​ In our fast-paced, digital world both goals ​and context are constantly moving targets. Those organisations that will win tomorrow ​are those that can adapt at speed today. We believe that the most effective way to achieve this is ​through self-organised and empowered Agile teams.

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Craig Girvan

Director and Co-Founder

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