Configuration, integration and customisation of ‘off the shelf’ applications with specific expertise in Guidewire, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. 

Our teams deliver configuring, integrating and developing custom solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and Guidewire, with extensive experience across industries including local authority, insurance and healthcare.   

Because our emphasis is on delivering the right outcomes for our clients, we are technology agnostic when talking about outcomes. We have deep expertise in a number of applications, and are also experts in other approaches, such as bespoke web development.   

This means we don’t think every problem will be solved by the same application, nor are we constrained based on one dimensional knowledge within the team. Instead, we have a diverse team with expertise in many technologies. We know when to leverage the simplicity and power of an ‘out of the box’ application, or when customising the application will be more resource-hungry than building you something bespoke.

Custom integrations  

  • Bespoke software development that can sit alongside existing tools and be integrated with the platform    
  • Customisations and configurations  

  • Leveraging the core functionality of an existing tool and configuring or customising within it 
  • Headforwards Software Developer


    The secret of any exceptional IT project? Focus on outcomes, not technology

    A combination of business pressures and multiple stakeholders can risk a technology-led approach to development projects. Here’s how to change tack to get the best outcomes instead.

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