Explore how our consultancy offerings deliver tailored, hands-on guidance and support from Agile experts and pro developers, helping you build the best foundations for progress.  

CIO Advisory

Headforwards CIO Advisory builds great partnerships that bring value to our clients.  We provide tailored digital, data, cyber and technology guidance with an emphasis on improving internal capability and highlighting green opportunities.  

Led by Pete Reed, former CIO for AXA Health, Headforwards CIO Advisory’s goal is to enable our clients to achieve self-sufficiency and deliver long-term sustainable outcomes.

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Our Approach

We deliver valuable real-world outcomes to our clients. We start by building strong business partnerships that form the foundations of strategic alignment across your organisation. 

Our work supports our clients in developing an IT strategy that is shaped and communicated with clear roadmaps to make it deliverable, successfully managing co-existence between legacy and new world architectures.

Advisory is fully bespoke and tailored to each client but our expertise includes:

  • Shaping and communicating IT strategy
  • Establishing strong business partnerships to ensure strategic alignment
  • Agile tailored to your enterprise
  • Digital and data transformation underpinned by modern target architecture
  • IT governance to manage risk and reduce waste
  • Value optimisations across technology spend
  • Legacy and new-world support
  • Winning strategy for cloud modernisation
  • Talent and skills support
  • Service and lifecycle management
  • Data protection and cyber posture strategies
  • Partner procurement and management support
Headforwards Software Consultancy Partner Peter Reed

About Pete Reed

Pete is the lead Partner in our CIO Advisory division. He has worked as a senior IT Executive for over 20 years, his most recent industry role being Chief Information Officer for AXA Health. At AXA, Pete provided IT across both UK and Global business lines supporting strong business growth and profitability. 

Through his role on the AXA UK & Ireland IT Executive Leadership team, and on several other data, risk, and cyber committees, Pete has been able to build a wealth of knowledge and experience that he now uses to help, advise and guide other senior IT and business leaders. 

He supports in the design and implementation of digital transformation strategies underpinned by new operating models and modern architectures that improve the customer experience. He also guides Business and IT departments through mergers, acquisitions and disposals, and advises on the implementation of low-cost ITIL-based service management and run models to reduce IT cost and improve reliability.

Pete is experienced in leading large scale programme delivery, including cloud transformation, moving multiple IT workloads to hybrid cloud environments and successfully completing the migration and decommissioning of very large technology platforms; and building, coaching, and mentoring high performing IT leaders and their leadership teams.

If you would like to have a chat with Pete or the team about how they could help you contact us

Behavioural and Agile Consultancy 

For many organisations – especially large companies with a well-established traditional structure – the transition to Agile can be a daunting one. Our consultants join you in the early stages of your journey to help you cultivate the right behaviours to help Agile thrive in your teams. 

We start by finding the hook – what is it about Agile your team finds interesting? Kanban boards? Developing in sprints? Talking through retrospectives? Once we know the route in, we can start helping you explore Agile in practice. 

Your consultant will deliver a presentation about the fundamentals of Agile, with the opportunity to ask every burning question you have about how the approach works. And once your questions have been answered, we’ll start working on behaviours. 

For some teams, that’ll mean finding new, more effective ways to communicate. For others, it’ll be working out the best way to deliver honest feedback. Whatever you need, your consultant will help you gain the tools you need to progress quickly and build a foundation for Agile working. 

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Creating Agile teams at Cornwall Council through behavioural change 

After attending Agile on the Beach, Cornwall Council’s head of IT approached us to help introduce Agile and transform the way the department worked, with the view to rolling out the benefits across the council.   

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Technical consultancy 

Alongside our behaviour-focused consultancy, we also provide technical consultancy to help you ensure your technology, data estate, and development skills are up to scratch for the work you want to do. 

Our consultant will sit down with your stakeholders to discuss your goals and concerns. Then, they’ll take a critical look at your technology architecture, codebase, and future plans to scope out which parts are ready for the future, and which need attention, working with your in-house experts to build a full picture of your environment. We’ll then report back to your team, benchmarking your position against industry best practice.  

And once you have all that information we can help you put together the right solution, whether that’s introducing a dedicated team of developers to help you accelerate progress, or building a new software solution to meet your unique process needs. 

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From healthcare to healthtech

From healthcare to healthtech: Building a roadmap for digital transformation 

A private health check provider brought us in to provide technical consultancy – a process where we critically assess an organisation’s architecture, codebase, and plans to make sure they’re fit for purpose. 

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