Our Agile approach to software development brings value to your business from the start.

We believe in being Agile, we believe in empowering teams 

Software exists in an exceptionally fast-moving world – features and functionality that you’ve planned meticulously to meet user requirements might not be fit for purpose by the time you finish a months or even years-long waterfall development process and finally release it.

Agile allows for the adaptability that today’s users and businesses demand. It’s highly collaborative, and can be a far more time and cost-efficient way to produce quality software. Agile is a core belief for Headforwards, and our teams have delivered using Agile principles since we began more than 12 years ago.

Some organisations want to move to an Agile approach, but legacy processes and modes of software development get in the way. That’s where collaborating with Headforwards can help.

By partnering with Headforwards, large organisations can immediately benefit from its Agile approach to software development – something that can be hard to achieve in-house.

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Work with one of us, work with all of us

Our expertise lies in building and facilitating high performing teams, but we also make sure our clients have access to the combined knowledge and experience of the wider Headforwards family. 

We work with many different clients on different systems across a variety of tech stacks leading to significant internal experience. We actively enable our teams to knowledge share and embed across-team continuous improvement and community of practice into the business to make it easy for teams to ask questions and get support while retaining client confidentiality. 

We understand what effective learning and development looks like for technical teams and we provide physical and virtual training opportunities for teams. Teams are encouraged to share with each other and learn from external industry experts alike through our HeadTalk events, and we deliver Head to Head battles to encourage debate and knowledge sharing. Clients are welcome to participate!

How we deliver

A partnership approach to co-creating teams

The Agile Manifesto says quality software emerges from self-organising teams. We hire great people, support them and their development and empower them to make decisions.

When team members feel empowered and engaged, they work to their full potential, and it shows in the quality of the software they deliver.

The power of the mob

Imagine your entire dev team, gathered around one computer, all working on your project. We call it mobbing and it’s a brilliant way of delivering high quality software, fast.

Mob programming is used a lot at Headforwards. It’s a chance for a whole team to collaboratively find solutions, collectively agreeing how the software will be coded, picking up issues quickly and spotting potential traps in the process.

Small tasks, big results

Through continuous delivery, Headforwards teams are geared up to deliver new software into production every day – so clients get valuable new features fast.

Almost all Headforwards’ clients benefit from continuous delivery. From retail organisations to financial services providers, continuous delivery gives clients a commercial advantage, as it means they can offer new services and functionality faster than their competitors.

By breaking projects down into small packets of work and working on them iteratively, Headforwards teams can deliver against clients’ priorities faster.

And with weekly – or even daily – release cycles, clients can easily add or change requirements and barriers, such as approval stage gates, are removed from the process completely.

The Headforwards Way

The Headforwards Way provides an understanding of who we are and want to continually be as an organisation. It describes our beliefs that guide what we do and how we do it. These beliefs shape how we interact with each other and collaborate with our clients in order to truly be a different kind of software outsource company.

All new team members are given a copy and briefing on The Headforwards Way, and it shapes our organisational strategy and focus.

There are six core principles which guide us:

  • We believe in doing the right thing
  • We believe in the power of team
  • We believe in equality of voice, opportunity and respect
  • We believe in empowering people
  • We believe in always getting better
  • We believe our future will be driven by our people

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