Whether your organisation is undergoing a digital transformation or planning for growth, your technical, architectural, data estate and development skills need to support your strategy. Technology consultancy helps reassure your business that your technical environment won’t hold you back.

Architecture and delivery technology are foundational pillars to delivering your organisational objectives. Your ability to grow or diversify could be dependent on ensuring your code base, architectural approach, testing and even team interactions are solid.

Headforwards’ technology consultancy is delivered by a range of experts and specialists that can support your teams and leadership in establishing that your technical environment is fit for purpose, and proposing remediation solutions as needed.

Our approach

Analysis and review

A critical look at your technology architecture, codebase health, deployment and testing in the context of your strategic goals working with your in-house teams to build a full picture of your environment. Tailored to your organisation, this might cover development teams, product and leadership.

Playback and opportunities

We play our findings back to your team, benchmarking your position against industry best practice and highlighting imperatives and opportunities for improvement to meet your strategic goals.

Solutions and options

With the information and data from the strategic review, we work with you to identify the next steps to building the technical environment that delivers your goals. That might be coaching or consultancy support, full or partial engineering expertise to augment your existing teams or support with talent and skills development.

Our technology experts

John Howell
Head of Technology

Dave Longman
Head of Delivery

Andy Weir
Staff Software Engineer

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