According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2023, 32% of all UK businesses had cyber security breaches or attacks in the previous 12 months. This includes 59% of medium sized businesses, with the largest breach costing each business £1,100 on average and medium to large businesses almost £5,000.

The impact of a breach or cyber-crime is seen in the cost of recovery and in reputational damage, the latter causing the loss of current and new customers and reducing the ability to attract talent. 

How Headforwards can help 

Many SMEs, especially those outside the IT sector don’t have the expertise or the capacity to adequately address these issues.

Headforwards can help improve the cyber security posture of your business, to protect both you and your customers.

Headforwards Cyber Review 

The approach of our Cyber Review depends on the measures you currently have in place and the requirements of your business, but typically we start with a half-day online workshop to gather information on your policies, procedures, visualisations of networks and documentation of hardware, software and other assets.

This helps us prepare for an on-site workshop with your organisation’s stakeholders and those in roles potentially linked with cyber security. We assess the risks within the organisation, and the threat in terms of the size and the probability of damage that could be caused by external bad actors.  

In the workshop we examine the current state of on-premise and cloud-based interactions with customers, with third parties and potential communication with bad actors.

The outcome of the Cyber Review is a set of guidelines to enable your business to allocate resources, such as hardware, software, different types of licencing, increasing employment in sysadmin or cyber security teams, or engaging with ourselves, or another third party, to rectify any errors or omissions in your current systems, and then to be able to maintain a state that manages security while retaining efficiency, functionality and affordability.

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