How well your team delivers software can be the difference between meeting and missing your strategic goals. A software delivery assessment gives you and your organisation the oversight it needs to drive improvements and allocate resources effectively.

How do delivery problems manifest?

  • You might find that code isn’t coming through quickly enough
  • There might be performance or stability problems in production
  • You could be seeing a lot of code rework taking place
  • Stakeholders might not feel like they’re getting value
  • You might not feel like you can trust your delivery teams
  • There might be a high or increasing amount of churn within your teams or their requirements

Our approach

We take a holistic approach to assessing your software delivery, asking questions and making suggestions across technology, delivery, product and leadership. As software developers and technology experts, our role is to work with you and your teams to collectively identify areas for improvement, empowering you towards enhanced performance. We’re not just here to point to problems in your teams, but also to help give them a voice around potential barriers they might be experiencing from the business, and supporting them in identifying solutions.

A Software delivery assessment reviews four key areas:

Building the Right Things

  • How are requirements identified, gathered, managed and prioritised?
  • How are these requirements refined and made ready for the team to deliver?
  • What measures are in place to ensure the team’s effort is focused in the right areas?

Getting the Right Things Built

  • How is work prioritised and selected by the team?
  • How is the delivery team structured?
  • What processes are in place to help the team prioritise effort?
  • How is software released and how stable is it?

Getting the Right Things Deployed

  • How are environments created and managed?
  • What monitoring and analytics are in place?
  • How quickly can code changes be deployed and how many people are involved?

Continuous Learning

  • How does the team review and improve performance?
  • Is the team health regularly reviewed?
  • How does the delivery team manage tech debt?
  • Are production issues reviewed and used as opportunities for learning?


Case study: Bluecrest

Private healthcare provider, Bluecrest, appointed an experienced CTO who reviewed the capabilities and technical fit of the existing delivery function and IT platforms. As a result, they sought the experience and capabilities of a trusted and proven technology partner.

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