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Cornwall Council is on an impressive digital transformation journey. With the aim of improving its service delivery to residents, improving productivity and skills and securing its digital future. An important facet of the project is an Agile transformation, in large part steered by Mike Cairns, Head of Agile Delivery.  

As one of the largest local authorities in the UK, Cornwall Council is aware of the scale of the task even delivering a talk at Agile on the Beach in 2020 called Turning the Tanker. Since 2021, Headforwards has been technology partner to Cornwall Council on this journey, delivering data and intelligence projects, digital transformation and Agile team projects. 

On the front line of the transformation is Mike Cairns, with responsibility for developing and delivering the Agile framework, delivery and shifting behaviours. Alongside the delivery transformation, more than 600 people in the council have been on an Agile training course, including senior leaders and service directors, bringing additional backing and advocacy for Agile as a way of getting things done.  

We welcome Mike as the first guest on the HeadTalks podcast with our new host, Owen Hodge, product manager with Headforwards and all round good guy. Owen and Mike talk about the process of Agile transformation at the council, challenges the team have had to overcome, how he approached getting started and what learnings Mike has from his time both at the council and in the private sector in previous roles.  

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