Modern software developers now generally agree on the value that unit testing can provide to overall software quality. Where they tend to diverge is whether it is better to write those tests before development starts or whether it is just as good to create the tests at any point during the development process. During this webinar, John and Greg will argue the pros and cons of the two approaches and you can decide which camp you sit in.

Join us on Wednesday, 10 May from 12:30pm to witness the battle live:

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Greg West, Full Stack Developer

Greg is a full stack developer working on a number of different projects within our Projects Division. Greg has just passed his fifth anniversary with Headforwards and has been working in development for 17 years. In his spare time he has self built a gaming PC and plays most days. Outside of gaming he enjoys walking and jaunts to his local pub. 


John Howell, Technical Solutions Director

John Howell has been part of the Headforwards team for three years. John is an accomplished Senior Executive with over 18 years of management, strategy, product innovation delivery and operational experience in IT e-commerce with a particular focus on the travel sector. He has worked extensively with boards, supporting delivery of growth in both revenues and turnover as well as supporting with commercial and accounting processes.
In his spare time John enjoys a pint or two, spending time with his children and gaming.

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