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Headforwards is a software development company whose primary aim is to create and deliver custom software with our clients focusing on the business value it brings.

Using both agile philosophy and process understanding, we bring together effective software development teams that are not only flexible in developing software that meets business requirements, they also continuously strive to do so in better and better ways.

New Rail Deal for Cornwall

We are really pleased to hear the Government has given the go ahead for a new rail deal for Cornwall. This means that First Great Western are now able to buy 29 new state of the art, long distance trains that will be in service from 2018. They are being purchased from Hitachi Rail Europe for £360 Million and will replaces the 40 year old trains that are being used at the moment. Claire Perry, Rail Minister, said "This industry initiative goes hand-in-hand with the work this Government is doing to reverse decades of underinvestment in transport infrastructure in regions like the South West." The great news is these new trains will have an increase of up to 24%  in capacity resulting in 1000 additional seats... Read more

"There are better ways to build large systems than with many developers in many places. Rather, build a small group of great developers and other talents that can work together in teams, pay them well, and keep them together in one place with product management or whoever acts as the voice of the customer."

Larman & Vodde (2010)