Agile adoption: our guide to effective Agile transformations


Change of any kind is a complex business and an Agile implementation is no exception. But Agile can be both the change you want to make and the change process to deliver you to the goal. In this guide, the Headforwards team share their knowledge and insights on effective adoption of Agile gained through more than 11 years’ experience supporting our clients with their own Agile transformations. 

Agile is about your organisation having the ability to adapt gracefully given changes in goals and context.

A lot of businesses recognise the value Agile could bring to their organisation. But understanding how best to implement and adopt Agile is a different matter.

As an Agile technology company, Headforwards has been the catalyst and vehicle for many Agile transformations. We’ve helped traditionally run organisations manage a significant change in culture, supporting them in altering mindsets, behaviours and values to make way for Agile thinking.  

Our belief is that you can and should use the process of an Agile transformation as a means of embedding good Agile practices. Make small changes, gauge the impact, and resolve issues as they arise. An Agile transformation should mean lasting change.

In this guide, we share the knowledge and insights we’ve gained from our work supporting clients towards an effective adoption of Agile.

You will discover practical tools to understand how Agile you are already, some of the common impediments to Agile to look out for, and what we believe you will need to get in place to ensure a lasting change.

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