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Having fun outside of work in 2018

As well as writing great software, we also have a lot  of fun outside of work ... we went to rugby, bowling, laser tagging and BBQ's on the beach to name a few social events of 2018 - a few photos... Read more

Headstock 2018 – Fun & Games at Stithians Lake

Every year we organise our very own Festival called Headstock.  Traditionally this  been held at the end of the summer, but as the British weather can be so unreliable in September, we decided to hold this year's Festival in June. So the Headstock Organisation Team - aka the Business Team -... Read more

Agile Code Retreat – Two Days of Enhancing Software Development Practises

The Agile Code Retreat is a 2-day event where participants study and practice different tools and methodologies used in... Read more

Team BBQ – August 2017

Planning for a BBQ between the occasional and slightly unpredictable weather has been an interesting one for us this month. Luckily, the weather prevailed for a few hours giving us time for a BBQ at our local favourite,  Tevaunance Cove, St Agnes. Here are some photos taken the evening, including... Read more

Headforwards ROC5K 2017 – 5K Charity Run

It's time for the 2017 ROC5K! The Headforwards team were ready to rumble during last night's charity run in Truro city centre. This year, over 30 people from Headforwards entered the run and braved the terrible weather and added to a fantastic turnout of over 600 people. Good work team!... Read more