Perl, Python and Golang

Our global communications team is 45 people, again all in small teams of 3-7. They work on cutting edge web applications which are used by millions of people globally. If you watch sport (F1 and Tour de France) you will have seen our clients’ data dashboards too.

The teams write the back ends in Perl, Python and more commonly now, Golang. We’re using Docker and Kubernetes to allow us to release multiple times a day across various different regions. If you are interested in Continuous Delivery and expanding your experience, you will fit in well here.

We strongly believe that great developers can pick up new skills and languages easily. Even if you don’t have experience in the languages we use, we are keen to hear from you. If you do then even better!

We recruit Developers, Testers, UI/UX Designers, Scrum Masters, BA’s and Sys Admins.

Join Headforwards and you’ll discover a very different technology business. A fun atmosphere with flexible hours. A strong team spirit. And a place that genuinely cares about your – and your family’s -well-being. So work becomes more enjoyable and less stressful. And outside work, you’rein Cornwall, so there’s a fantastic lifestyle to enjoy.

We might be growing fast, but there’s no ‘us and them’. Our business model’s flat and fluid. There are no ivory towers, so it’s all about teamwork. And we recognise good ideas, wherever they come from. So, prove yourself and your career can really go places here. Because our leaders are all around you. And they’re great at spotting talented people who always give their all.

BI & Data Teams

Our local authority is one of our clients, where we are supporting them to improve the access and confidence that residents and council members have to technology.

We’re ensuring that people are able to access high-quality services through digital and technology channels. It’s an ambitious programme and one that we’re proud to be part of.

At the heart of the project is data. There are over 800 different data sources coming through in various different formats. We’re helping to understand and organise the data and make it available to the people who can use it to make a difference.

From the initial integration of identified data sets ranging from internal sources systems to external data feeds into a cloud based relational enterprise data warehouse, we work to identify and produce management information from this centralised data store using a range of data visualisation tools. The delivery is primarily supported by a Microsoft first approach. We consider the initiation, formation and standardisation of best practices to support ETL procedures, data quality measurement, data retention, master data management and role management.

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.NET Teams

We have so many great .Net Developers here, working on various projects, so there’s a lot of like-minded people around to learn from and share your knowledge with.

All our teams are small, they range from 3-7 people max. The applications are all a bit different but the core theme is building responsive web applications using C# and JavaScript libraries like React. We are using .NetCore for some applications and leveraging the capabilities of Azure more has been a key focus for 2019.

We are always excited about trying out new ways of delivering software. At the moment we are embracing TDD, pair programming and some teams are mob programming most of the time now. We focus a lot on releasing our software without manual steps. In many cases we are releasing continuously and we do have all our regression testing running automatically after code commit and our applications are automatically (after a few human approvals) deployed into production if the tests are green.

We are rigorous about clean code and work hard to ensure that the code we create is performant, secure and easy to maintain. TDD is an approach that all our teams have embraced and wherever we can we try to avoid lots of full stack testing. We’d rather ensure that everything is working as part of our automated build than wait until the system is deployed. We have experienced software testing professionals who work within the teams to help us ensure that we have appropriate test coverage – no one likes investigating production bugs so we try to prevent as many as possible as early as we can. We don’t have long testing phases, but we do lots of testing!

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Headforwards Business Analyst Niall O’Connor

Front End Development Teams

JavaScript and particularly React are the tools of choice for most front ends across our applications. We build scalable, rich user interfaces that we are very proud of.

We hire people who are experienced with JavaScript frameworks such as React/Backbone.js, but we also understand that some people haven’t yet used these frameworks but can bring valuable insight. If you are willing to learn then we’d love to hear from you.

Our front end teams all have a solid understanding of fundamental web technologies – HTML, CSS, JavaScript – as you’d expect. We use Git or similar for version control.

Special Projects Division

Outside of our dedicated teams, we have a project team of people called our Special Projects Division. This team works on shorter term projects, such as MVPs and shared capacity projects, as well as supporting new clients with workshops, consultancy and getting projects up and running quickly. This team works with Java, Angular, PHP, Node JS, AWS, Azure, Cloud Architecture, and are not only great developers but also are great with communicating with new clients.

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