How our approach to testing automation drove efficiencies for a big four client


Bugs appearing in user acceptance testing (UAT)


Automation of the testing process


A boost in efficiency driven by the new testing automation solution

Outdated methods of software testing can affect productivity of IT teams. For a Big Four client, frequent minor amends by multiple developers were resulting in bugs still appearing in user acceptance testing.

Focus on day to day operations, budget pressures and a lack of capacity can all lead to inefficiencies being neglected. Our team were able to identify the opportunity for process improvements and deliver a testing automation project which both improved productivity and resulted in cost savings for the client.

CHALLENGE: Bugs appearing in user acceptance testing (UAT)

Our client’s testing methods were very outdated, and every time they moved into pre prod – user acceptance testing, they encountered bugs.

If something is fixed once, it shouldn’t appear again in UAT, yet in this case minor changes made to the software functionality at the last minute by different people were having an impact in UAT. Despite testing the system several times, a bug would still be found and had to be fixed.

SOLUTION: Automate the system

We suggested automation was the solution to ensure that at the click of a button the client could run all the functionalities, so there would be no possibility of a bug creeping in.

Using TDD and BDD Testing methods we could ensure the client had a robust system where, regardless of what changes were made, as soon as they were deployed, the automation test had to run.

We integrated it into the development process so that now, if the test failed, the client would know it was due to the presence of a bug that must be fixed before moving onto the next stage.

RESULT: A boost in efficiency driven by the new testing automation solution

Our client will no longer find any major bugs in the product and pre prod, which will allow them to make small changes and move forward without having to go back, find the problem and rectify it.  

The time our client spent identifying bugs and going through the process of removing them was significant. By automating the process, we have improved efficiency within the business.

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