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Digital transformations can drive efficiencies, cost savings and a better experience for residents and businesses. Headforwards, in partnership with Microsoft and Cornwall Council hosted a briefing for local authorities, local government and public services seeking to harness the power of digital and accelerate their transformation.

The Digital Futures programme at Cornwall Council is already successfully evidencing the potential for efficiencies and improved services, for example, bringing together multiple data sources to create a ‘single view of the resident’. The project, delivered by Headforwards’ teams augmenting Cornwall Council teams, uses a Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights application coupled with Dynamics 365 Customer Service for better management of calls and cases from residents.

Hear how the teams at Cornwall Council, Microsoft and Headforwards are implementing digital transformation and learn about the next technologies you could be integrating.

00:02:15 – Speed and Agility: Delivering value quickly, Andy Roberts, Head of Commercial, Headforwards
00:20:34 – Maturing data processes: The components of capability, Bob Bunce, Cornwall Council
00:37:38 – Building process efficiencies internally and externally, Owen Hodge, Product Manager, Headforwards
1:04:29 – What’s next? The accelerating impact of AI, Robin Denton, Director of Local Government, Microsoft
1:25:18 – Q&A

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