Digitally transforming manual processes at Cornwall Council


Manual data capture and administration processes


Digitised forms and case management systems


Lighter administrative workload and more efficient customer service

The benefits of a centralised, Agile approach to digital transformation have even helped the council with its COVID-19 response.

CHALLENGE: A digital transformation agenda in need of accessible services

Before we worked with Cornwall Council to transform many of its resident case management processes, it was facing challenges that ranged from online forms that automatically forwarded to Outlook mailboxes to spreadsheet-based data storage. 

It meant that when users filled out web forms, each submission triggered an email notification that had to be actioned manually, tying up countless back-office staff – like the council tax team, for example – and risking human error. 

SOLUTION: Discovery, development, and omnichannel capabilities 

Working with several teams across the council, we held discovery sessions with product managers and solution architects to find the key business process issues. Based on these findings we then used out-of-the box functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365, combined with our own coding expertise, to create a central repository for the council’s case management. 

What’s more, we created an omnichannel portal, meaning employees now only need one sign in credential to access all the systems their roles require. 

RESULT: Unified data management and self-serve capabilities

With mandatory fields and sections that automatically adjust based on user interaction – such as non-applicable questions being hidden to reduce confusion – enhanced UX is now at the heart of Cornwall Council’s citizen interactions. 

It also means that data is now managed in a central repository – eliminating the need for spreadsheets and email notifications. For example, when an online form is submitted, rather than trigger an email to staff members, the data is automatically categorised on a database. 

And because our team is embedded in the council, we can make regular iterations based on user feedback and fast-changing requirements. 

The benefits of a centralised, Agile approach to digital transformation have even helped the council with its COVID-19 response. In a single two-week sprint, we created a public health management system that allows Cornwall Council to trace virus outbreaks, pull in data from the UK Government’s national database, and provide invaluable insights to help augment the council’s response. 

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