John Howell

Travel Solutions Director

John Howell has been part of the Headforwards team for three years. John is an accomplished Senior Executive with over 18 years of management, strategy, product innovation delivery and operational experience in IT e-commerce with a particular focus on the travel sector. He has worked extensively with boards, supporting delivery of growth in both revenues and turnover as well as supporting with commercial and accounting processes.

Outsourced software development

Outsourced software development is a huge worldwide industry and one that is growing fast, fuelled by the rapid emergence of new technologies. In the last year, the global market for outsourced software development amounted to 66.52 billion U.S. dollars. (Source: Statista) Headforwards is one of the most innovative providers of outsourced software and software consultancy solutions in the UK, with established clients across Europe and Asia. Here is our expert view on why you should consider outsourcing your software development.

The key benefits explained

Cost savings

Using an outsourced software development company can save you a significant amount of money. You avoid recruitment fees and the costs associated with training and onboarding staff. Added to this, you avoid extra employment costs such as NI and other staff overheads, like premises and equipment. Nevertheless, quality always matters more – so in choosing your provider it is vital to look beyond simply price.

Access to talent

One of the most important drivers in the global outsourced software development market is the rapid emergence of new technologies. This means it can be increasingly difficult for companies to find the software talent they need. IT is a sector which is experiencing significant skills shortages, especially in some of the very latest software areas. Outsourcing software development is a way around this and gives you access to a huge pool of talent, with diverse and leading-edge technology expertise.


You can scale up or scale down as required, adjusting to the needs of your business. So if, for example, you need to redeploy budget or if you expand your in-house team, you could reduce the amount of work you outsource. If, on the other hand, you want to scale up or if you need experts in another area of competency, you have the ability to do that. There is also built-in flexibility in the way outsourced software developers work with their clients. For instance, they can be used to augment an in-house team or to act as a standalone dedicated team working on a specific project.

Time savings

Your outsourced team will be focussed on your project, delivering in line with your required critical path. This can mean reduced time to market and provide a competitive advantage. Your outsourced team will also be able to hit the ground running, as they are experienced in working on a project basis and delivering against demanding KPIs.


With mounting awareness of cybersecurity threats, working with a good outsourced software development company can give you immediate access to high level skills and protocols to ensure that your data is safe and compliant.

Access to new opportunities and fresh perspectives

Working with an innovative software company can open your eyes to emerging opportunities. Software companies with multidisciplinary teams feature a variety of competency centres and this can help keep your own business at the cutting edge. An outsourced software development consultancy will be able to bring a fresh perspective to your business and help your company think outside the box.

Mitigate risk

By working with an outsourced software consultancy, you benefit from access to robust project management and quality control systems that are tried and tested. Having these systems at the core of their approach helps to mitigate risk for your business.

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