From healthcare to healthtech: Building a roadmap for digital transformation


Plans to expand digital capabilities


Consultancy project assessing technical skills and tech stack


An 18-month roadmap for revamping and expanding on the codebase

CHALLENGE: A 5-year growth plan that needed firm tech support

Our client, a private health check provider, had recently brought in a new chief technology officer and was plotting out the next few years of the company’s growth. But its plans to establish itself as a healthtech company would require a renewed focus on its own digital capabilities – and a fresh set of eyes to assess the tech stack and skillset the team already had in place. 

SOLUTION: Assess skills, technical capabilities, and tech stack

The company brought us in to provide technical consultancy – a process where we critically assess an organisation’s architecture, codebase, and plans to make sure they’re fit for purpose. 

We sat down with the company’s dev team and stakeholders to answer questions such as: “is our existing codebase good enough?”, “does the team have the required expertise?”, and “how does our approach compare to best practice?” 

The team had two focus areas: the printed reports patients receive after their tests, and the form they use to book appointments. 

RESULT: A detailed plan for improving and extending capability 

The company had a strong existing codebase, but a lack of structure made it difficult to work on different parts of the organisation – like the report builder and the bookings portal – separately. 

We’ve now put a team together to help the existing dev team streamline the codebase and arrange it into discrete functions, which will make building and improving systems far easier in the future. 

There’s now a whole new process for creating and distributing health reports, and we’re looking at how we can revamp the UI and backend of the bookings portal to make it easier for patients to schedule appointments, reducing the drop-off rate. 

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