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Understanding technology, data and cyber is becoming an increasingly essential skill for all businesses and their leadership teams.

In larger organisation’s the requirement is often met by having a dedicated Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Data Officer (CDO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Smaller organisations still need access to these skills but won’t have the same demand for a full-time resource. Fractional CIO services provide the same calibre and skillsets but deliver this in shorter bursts or on a flexible basis providing the same quality at a more affordable price.

The Fractional CIO role is there to help set strategy, advise and guide business leadership teams and translate technology, cyber and data into a language that Executive and Board members can understand helping them to make better decisions.

The role of CIO in Digital Transformation

The fast pace of technology and its importance to the overarching needs of an organisation means one of the most important roles of a CIO is to stay abreast of digital advances and lead digital transformation within a business. Whereas 10 years ago, decisions related to software, data and analytics could be made in isolation by the individual teams, today they are so deeply aligned with business strategy that they must be managed by C-Suite. A CIO has both the business knowledge and technical expertise to make these important decisions and consult throughout the transformation. Via digital transformation, the CIO increases value through productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, efficiency and competitiveness.

Why your CIO should be creating your Cyber strategy?

Cyber poses a significant risk to a business and is critical to maintaining security and productivity. With an increase in remote workers, and many organisations having a unique technology and data environment built to support their overall strategy, it’s crucial that systems are maintained.

A CIO has both the technical and general business knowledge to create a cyber strategy that takes everything into consideration – backups and recovery, encryption, firewalls and proxies, data loss prevention, technical debt etc, in the context of the individual organisation. Gone are the days of pitching for budget to be able to update systems; cyber is integral to the CIO’s overall plan for the business, and investing in cyber is essential for businesses of all sizes.

The rise of the fractional CIO

The role of CIO demands a high salary, much like that of a CEO. Smaller companies often opt to recruit for the role on a part time or interim basis.

A CIO looks at people, suppliers, data, reporting, process and systems, and ensures cohesion and alignment with the overall business strategy, but they don’t need to work full time to be able to do this.

Once the CIO fully understands the workings of the organisation, they can introduce solutions to drive integration, automation and transformation and monitor progress.

Input from an individual with a wider industry-sector perspective can be extremely effective; a fresh pair of eyes with the technical knowledge to know where to implement change.

Our fractional CIO services

Our consultancy and advisory services are led by Pete Reed, former CIO for AXA Health. We provide tailored digital, data, cyber and technology guidance and guidance to public and private sector organisations, adopting a methodology that helps our clients to build their own capability and become self-sufficient.

Through a range of services, we provide our clients with the tools and on demand access to highly experienced technology leaders, supporting you with advice, guidance and as a sounding board in a cost effective way.

Get in touch to learn how Headforwards fractional CIO services could add value to your business.

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