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Selecting software solutions: five things to consider

The route to streamlining an organisation and boosting productivity often lies in the integration of software to digitise manual processes or enhance systems.
But how do you make sure you select the right solution for your organisation? Headforwards’ Product Manager Owen Hodge shares five things you should consider when deciding between fully custom or customised off-the-shelf software solution.

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Meet the Data Solution Designer at Headforwards, Kanaga Selvi Nachiyar Our Team

Meet the Team: Kanaga Selvi Nachiyar, Headforwards Data Solutions Designer

Next in our Meet the Team series, we speak to Data Solutions Designer Kanaga Selvi Nachiyar, who’s helping Cornwall’s local authority deliver more effective services.

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Headforwards Scrum Master Andy Roberts looks at the impact of organisational debt and compares it to technical debt Events

HeadTalk | Risky Business – The Impact of Organisational Debt

What is organisational debt, and will it become a barrier to your business growth? Headforwards’ Andy Roberts looks at the silent rot businesses need to look out for…

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