Software Cornwall TDD Workshop Learnings

ast week we were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend Software Cornwall’s TDD workshop being run by Jon Jagger and Kevlin Henney.

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Can Agile Work in Local Authorities?

Cornwall Council has gone through a real transformation in how they’re structured, how they manage products and of course in their new Agile approach.

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An Exciting Future for AI in UK Healthcare

As a leading software developer, Headforwards is looking forward to helping drive the innovation in Artificial Intelligence that will keep UK healthcare ahead.

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Why Artificial Intelligence has the power to transform the work of local authorities

Local authorities in the UK are revolutionising their use of Artificial Intelligence. At Headforwards, we are helping them transform their service delivery.

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Building the business case for long term IT investment

Many clients are looking for long-term, ongoing and cost-effective support from their outsource partner which is what we offer here at Headforwards.

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