Applying to Work at Headforwards

Applying to Work at Headforwards – Our Process

Applying for a new job is a daunting task. It is our mission to ensure we do everything we can to make the journey a little more comfortable.
With many companies, applying can feel like the same old routine – apply, wait, wait a little longer, no response. It’s a frustrating experience and it’s something we dislike.

We have set ourselves a strict commitment to new applicants and it’s pretty simple – you will hear from us. We aim to review and respond to applicants within 7 working days. This can, of course, vary during busy periods – there are only so many hours during the day.
If you feel you should have heard back from us already, please email or call us for an update.

To help prospective employees understand our process, here is a breakdown of the stages involved when you apply to work at Headforwards.

1. Applying

When you apply to join our team, your details are submitted into our system and find their way to our recruitment hero, Jeni. She will review your CV to check you meet the requirements of the role. These requirements are based on your ability to fulfil the required role but, also your eligibility to work in the UK. All of our positions are full-time and in-house. We do not work with remote or contract based developers.

2. Job Fit – Technical Review

If you pass the initial checks, it’s onto the technical review. We believe it is best to have the technical aspects of the review carried out by the developers you will be working with. Your skill and experience will be closely assessed to identify if you are a good fit for the position based on information gathered from your CV. It is important to include all relevant skills you possess which may help you stand out from the crowd.

We work with a lot of new and exciting technologies which you may not use or understand. We do not expect to see them on your CV but, if you do have knowledge of or an active interest in new languages and frameworks, let us know. It is important to note that we will sometimes suggest an alternative role for a new applicant if we feel it would be more beneficial.

3. Technical Test

So, on paper, we are happy with the experience and skills you possess. Next, we need to test your practical abilities. For this, we send an online test related to the job role. Most tests take, on average, 30 minutes to complete and may contain questions on multiple programming languages if the role requires it. As an example, if you are applying for a JavaScript position, we may throw in questions on jQuery, Angular and React if we believe they are essential to the role.
The tests are not easy and we do not expect developers to achieve a perfect score. They are designed to test many aspects of programming. Some of the questions may talk about deprecated or legacy practices which may be important for the position.

It is important to note that your test score alone will not decide the outcome of your application. We fully assess test results to gauge if you are suitable for the role, even if your score suggests you are not. If we are unsure, we may hold an interview with you to talk more about your technical abilities.

4. First Interview – Are You a Good Fit?

Once the test has been completed and vetted by the technical team, if the score passes the set criteria, we will schedule an interview. The objective of this session is to assess whether or not the candidate is a good fit for the team. There is a huge emphasis on team here at Headforwards – we need to be able to place you in a team where you will feel comfortable working with others on tasks as a group. There will also be general questions on your abilities and experience in your specific field as well as your knowledge of professional workplace practices such as operating in an Agile environment.

5. Second Interview – Technical

If you reach the second interview stage, we’ll be looking to test your technical knowledge. This part of the interview process will vary depending on the role. Some roles will require you to sit a desk test – others will require an in-depth interview about your development experience and general knowledge of software development processes such as continuous delivery and Agile methodologies.

6. Final Interview

At this stage, we will have narrowed down our selection to the final few candidates.
The final interview will be a meeting between yourself, us and our client. The objective at this stage is for our client to assess you as a person and whether or not you meet their requirements to proceed. If we have progressed you to this stage, we are satisfied you will be an excellent candidate for the given position. After the final interview stage, we will discuss the options with our client to assess whether or not to make you an offer for the position. This is usually within a couple of days. We know how unnerving it can be waiting for a response.

We hope this has explained our interview process in a little more detail. We are always looking for new talent so if you’re looking for a change of pace, have a look at our careers page. If you would like to register interest, please also apply as our recruitment cycle changes weekly

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